Animal Assisted Therapy Program

At Lois Thomson Bowersock & Associates, LLC, the K-9 staff is an important part of our counseling team. From the tail-wagging greeting to the final farewell hug, you will know you have a loving companion that will enhance your entire counseling experience. The innumerable and diverse benefits of using dogs in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) have been recognized by almost every discipline of modern medicine and psychology.

Our K-9 team has a mission: To provide our clients with unconditional love, support and companionship throughout their entire therapeutic journey.

Regardless of your age, gender or reason for seeking our counseling services, our dogs are there to personally assist you. Whether the dog sleeps at your feet, sits by your side or offers you a tail-wag of encouragement your counseling will be enhanced by the psychological, physical and social benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Raised immune system
  • Reduced anger and aggression
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Lowered depression
  • Increased communication
  • Strengthened positive outlook
  • Expanded trust
  • Improved socialization

Meet Our Team

Lois Thomson Bowersock is one of Texas’ foremost counselors specializing in helping individuals and families affected by addictive disorders and related problems since 1994.

Lois’ approach to counseling is anything but dull. She seeks to produce results using creative, innovative techniques in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She and her dogs have been providing Animal Assisted Therapy as a licensed and credentialed therapy team since 2007.

All of our dogs have been rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Their immunizations are up-to-date and every measure is taken to ensure their good health. All four are Registered Therapy Dogs and they love their work. We do not assign the dogs to their clients; rather, the dogs intuitively make the choice themselves.


Our lead dog Karley Jean, a mature Chocolate Labrador/Mixed Breed, started her career as a Therapy Dog in 2008. A pro, Karley is noted for her peaceful and calm nature. She assists in modeling therapy skills and techniques for the younger dogs.


Clifford, a gentle giant, joined our staff in 2011 after suffering abuse at the hands of a previous owner. A Golden Labrador/Mixed Breed, Clifford specializes in working with men, PTSD and young people. Noted as our “Dude Dog”, Clifford also fancies the ladies!


Emily is a compassionate, caring, playful girl with a keen sense of intuition. Although vocal at times, Emily specializes in welcoming our clients and adding spark and energy to the office. A Black Labrador/Hound Mix, she joined our staff in 2014 and she is smart as a whip!


William, a good Black Labrador/Counterfeit is the youngest member of our team. William began his training in January, 2018 and he is showing great potential to be an excellent Therapy Dog.

Risks for Working with Animal Assisted Therapy

Although working with dogs in a therapeutic setting has many advantages, there are risks associated with Animal Assisted Therapy. Because we are utilizing live animals, it is important for you to agree to our policies and procedures to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy and ensure a safe and healthy work environment, both for you and the dogs. Animal Assisted Therapy may not be appropriate for you if you are afraid of dogs or have any allergies, skin or respiratory sensitivities, or other medical conditions that would be potentially harmful to your health if you engage in therapy with our dogs. For the protection of you and the dogs your suitability to participate in Animal Assisted Therapy will be evaluated by you and the therapist prior to commencing treatment.


“I have had the pleasure of meeting Karley Jean while visiting Lois, her owner, at her Private Practice in The Woodlands. I had the opportunity to observe Karley Jean interact with the clients as they came in the door for their therapy sessions. Karley Jean was naturally calm and very affection and friendly to the clients she knew, as well as the “new strangers” entering the office. She was quite obedient and had a keen sense about who she needed to pay attention to, sit next to, and provide comfort. Karley Jean is extremely responsive to people’s emotions. If she weren’t going to work every day at Lois’ practice helping others, I would want to adopt her!”

Patty Raymer
National Business Development
Burning Tree Programs

“Emily has a heart of gold. It doesn’t matter how distracted I am when I enter the office, Emily always steals my attention. She’s incredibly aware and is very talented… she even knows how to open doors.”

Michael, a client

“Cliff is my guy. He always makes me feel welcome and special. Clifford has an easy, calmness about him that is comforting and supportive. We have a special bond.”

Anonymous Client

“William is so cute! No matter how I feel before my appointment, William always brightens my day! He’s my favorite… but I love the other dogs as well!”

Anonymous Client