Counseling Services

Lois Thomson-Bowersock offers Christian based and 12-step compatible alcohol and drug counseling and relapse prevention services to:

Parents & Teens

Lois has developed a unique, dynamic approach to helping individuals and families understand the impact of alcohol and drugs on everyone’s lives.

Parent & Teen Counseling

Lois’ engages parents and teens in an entertaining and informative approach that:

Develops effective skills for communication
Identifies the primary reasons for teen substance use and abuse
Provides information about the development of addiction
Examines how dysfunctional relationships promote substance abuse
Provides referral resources for specific needs

Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Lois provides alcohol and drug assessments for:

Legal Matters
Family Issues

Lois is highly respected by the professional and legal community for the exceptional quality of her assessments, recommendations, referrals, and follow up.

Home Drug Tests

Lois offers cost-effective, efficient and easy to use drug tests. These tests deliver accurate results within five minutes. To order a drug test, contact Lois.

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