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   Counseling Services
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"Lois does not sugar-coat the seriousness of addiction, nor does she make casual promises of a cure. She neither condemns nor excuses the addict. She explains the facts and offers real-world suggestions to deal with the problem of having an addict in your life."

"Lois guided me from 'awareness' to 'change' through steadfast acceptance, support and understanding."

"Lois has become my number one fan and biggest
supporter. I feel that with her help and support I can work through anything from the past and in the future lead a healthy and successful life."

"Nothing in my life has hit me as hard as finding out my daughter was addicted to heroin. I felt a tremendous sense of failure. Lois was like a handrail that kept me from falling down the stairs."

"I've not experienced a counselor with such wisdom and ability to nurture and affirm."

"Lois is a true professional. She is experienced, specific and decisive. I am constantly amazed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge."

"I had the unique experience of attending the Journey to Freedom weekend program this past month and was thrilled with the outcome. While I was some what apprehensive going into the weekend due to the unknown, Lois and her team of facilitators quickly made me fill at ease and welcomed. The lake setting was ideal for promoting a sense of serenity and relaxation; a breath of fresh air from the city environment and perfect for finding oneself. Through a series of exercises and conversations, I was able to achieve clarity into the why of my current state of mind. With this clarify established, a solution for handling the challenges of every day life on a go forward basis was born."

"I am very grateful to Lois and her team for this opportunity and I highly recommend this program to any individual seeking rapid insight into your thoughts, feeling and actions. You will come away with a renewed sense of self and a template for living life."

Thank you Lois.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a twenty-one year old male patient being treated by Lois Thomson-Bowersock for drug addiction, alcoholism, and bulimia. I have quite a history with therapists, in the fact that I have “shopped” around for help since my addictions surfaced in September 2001. Many of the therapists did not understand addiction on a personal level. Their education gave them a type of knowledge that was worthless in a “real world” scenario. I met Lois in September 2004 with a mind set that she was going to be the same type of counselor as years past. I could not have been more wrong. Lois has personally struggled with addiction and earned my cooperation. She was very gentle and loving at first, and as my therapy with her continued she pushed me harder and challenged me constantly. While she does use a typical style of one on one talking sessions on some occasions, she also works in an entirely different spectrum with Experiential Therapy. She will assign a project or activity that I complete, not always understanding the reasoning. We then sit together and Lois will help me to process the WORK in order to end up experiencing an epiphany. Her methods are extremely creative. They have included:

*putting together a collage
*walking on peanuts
*casting regrets into a lake
*push ups
*writing poetry
*tug of war during a family session
*using music during sessions that apply to certain situations
*wearing masks
*adopting a pet to focus on
*wearing a pink shirt
*group meetings
*beating up a cardboard box
*using stuffed animals to represent my addictions

With her guidance, I have discovered issues in my history. Her practice has put me in touch with my mind, body, and soul. I personally feel that she is blessed with a gift. Her discernment made it impossible for me to lie or cheat in my therapy. Lois’ genuine heart helped me to trust, not lean on her, but feel comfortable to deal with issues that I have been running from for sixteen years. At times she reminds me of a drill sergeant I had in military school, and then on other occasions, the best friend I’ve ever had. She is very well at reading people and knowing what they need for encouragement. I strongly recommend her techniques to anyone struggling with addictions of any type.

Thank you,
A Happy Soul


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