Counseling Services

Lois Thomson Bowersock has specialized in counseling individuals and family members affected by substance abuse disorders, addictions and related behaviors for more than 20 years. She seeks to produce results using creative, innovative techniques to help her clients achieve their goals. Lois offers Christian based and 12-step compatible alcohol and drug counseling and relapse prevention services to:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Parents & Teens
  • Executives & Professionals

A pioneer in the field of family recovery, Lois has drawn on decades of recovery work to design her exclusive Four Model Approach to empower individuals and family members to overcome their issues.

The Four Model Approach includes:

Executive & Professionals Counseling

During twelve years of operating a highly successful private accounting practice, Lois provided management accounting services to several companies in the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as many doctors, lawyers and prominent business owners. Who can better understand the unique recovery needs of high-ranking business executives, professionals and industry leaders than one who has been there?

Respecting the high level of responsibilities and demands placed on executives and professionals, Lois offers concierge alcohol and drug counseling services to her clients. These services include:

  • Convenient evening appointments, weekends available upon request;
  • HIPAA compliant, confidential Virtual Web Counseling;
  • Submission of progress reports to professional boards & organizations, if required;
  • 24/7 support by arrangement;
  • Referrals to the top inpatient treatment programs for executives & professionals;
  • State-of-the-art therapy techniques to facilitate recovery (Experiential Therapy, Energy Psychology Techniques, Drumming, Animal Assisted Therapy, etc.);
  • Private, intensive, 3-day weekend Experiential Therapy Programs designed to create break-throughs that accelerate an individuals the recovery process; and,
  • A skilled treatment team consisting of highly regarded professionals in the field (Board Certified Addiction Doctor, EMDR Practitioner, Acupuncture, Massage Therapist etc.).

Lois provides keen insight into the world of effective and ineffective relationships. Her skills and experience set her apart as an expert and trusted advisor. Equally important, she has practical tools that make application of solving complicated issues easier. I highly endorse Lois as someone whose purpose in life is to help others achieve and exceed their desire for a more perfect world.


Parent & Teen Counseling

Lois’ engages parents and teens in an entertaining and informative approach that:

  • Develops effective skills for communication;
  • Identifies the primary reasons for teen substance use and abuse;
  • Provides information about the development of addiction;
  • Examines how dysfunctional relationships promote substance abuse;
  • Offers referral resources for specific needs; and
  • Capitalizes on the amazing benefits of Therapy Dogs.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Lois provides alcohol and drug assessments for:

  • Individuals
  • Legal Matters
  • Employment
  • Family Issues

Lois is highly respected by the professional and legal community for the exceptional quality of her assessments, recommendations, referrals, and follow up.

Lois is intelligent, professional, heart-felt, caring and has a wealth of information regarding substance abuse. Every client I have referred to her has benefited from her counseling and expertise.


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