Drug Resistant Children


Our children are being raised in a society saturated with alcohol and other drugs. Are we preparing them to begin making crucial, life-impacting decisions?

Because they are bombarded with unprecedented negative influences, we need to teach them how to make wise, responsible decisions for themselves.”

Lois states, “Drug and alcohol prevention actually begins with the child in the high chair. My goal is to give parents the tools and resources to help prevent teen substance abuse.”

Lois is available to speak to your group or organization.

Whether your child is two or twenty, this dynamic presentation facilitated by Lois Thomson-Bowersock, has the vital information you need to guide your child drug-free through the high-risk teenage years. None of our children are immune to the undesirable influences of society and it is essential that we take action to prevent teen substance abuse. Complacency, denial and inaction simply are not viable options for today’s parents.

Developing Drug Resistant Children is a dynamic, entertaining and informative program that:

Identifies five primary reasons for teen substance use
Provides information about the development of addiction
Examines how dysfunctional relationships promote substance abuse
Develops effective communication skills
Identifies criteria for referral to professionals

Lois Thomson-Bowersock is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Board Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She specializes in counseling parents of substance abusing teen. Lois is a popular speaker at local, state and national conferences for addiction professionals.

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