Drug Testing

Drug Testing Information

There are two reasons to administer home drug tests:

To facilitate the treatment process.
To restore trust

Remember, your loved one is ultimately responsible for his or her own recovery.

You can purchase convenient, and efficient home drug testing kits from Lois Thomson-Bowersock for $25.00 plus shipping and handling. This simple, easily administered urine test produces accurate results within five minutes and exposes drug use in 10 major categories including opiates, narcotics, amphetamines and cannabinoids. Our home drug testing kit will reveal recent use of most major illicit drugs. With the exception of marijuana, most drugs will only produce a positive reading within 24 -48 hours of use. Marijuana generally tests positive for a couple of weeks.

Note: Standard drug tests do not reveal LSD (acid) use or alcohol consumption. Hair tests are commonly administered to verify use of LSD. Results from hair tests are generally available within one to two weeks and the kits can be purchased at most major chain drug stores. When properly administered, hair tests will reveal most substances used within the past 90 days.

We recommend the following guidelines for administering our home drug testing kit:

Do not give advance warning of your intention to give a drug test. Random testing is more likely to paint the true picture.
Conduct the test when it is least expected.
Exercise caution against being lulled into a false sense of comfort by a negative drug test. A negative drug test simply means the person was drug-free at the time the test was administered.
Avoid provoking someone by demanding a urine sample while they are obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Rather, wake them first thing in the morning and accompany them to the bathroom and be present when they urinate in the testing cup provided. Yes! We recommend you watch them do the deed!

There are many creative ways that substance abusers attempt to adulterate urine samples to produce false-negative drug test results. Such tactics may include adding water to dilute the urine (don’t rule out the possibility of them using water from the toilet bowl or tank), adding drops of bleach, pickle juice or vinegar to the sample or drinking certain herbal teas that can be purchased over-the-counter in health food stores everywhere. Your personal observation serves to minimize the manipulation of the test results.

Many people are reluctant to administer drug tests for fear of unjustly accusing another of substance abuse. Of course, this is a personal decision for each individual to make. However, drug testing can and does serve as a big deterrent, especially for teens.

Remember those who are inclined to use drugs will use them, whether they are drug tested or not.

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