Experiential Therapy

Lois Thomson Bowersock offers Experiential Therapy in her private counseling practice.  She also facilitates an intensive Experiential Therapy program, “Journey to Freedom”.

Lois has been acknowledged nationally by the International Society for Experiential Professionals.  Her work has impacted thousands of individuals by promoting recovery and healthy lifestyles.

What is Experiential Therapy?

The key word in Experiential Therapy is “experience”.  This method has proven effective in helping people overcome unresolved issues.  It helps to bring what is in the unconscious mind into the conscious mind using music, art, objects, nature, experience, drama and creative expression.

Experiential Therapy is a state-of-the-art approach that is profoundly effective in helping people quickly progress beyond the limitations of traditional talk therapies.  It draws on the reality that most people already know within themselves what is needed to overcome their relationship or behavioral issues.  Even when rooted emotional defenses hinder access to one’s unique inner blueprint for personal growth, Experiential Therapy can unlock the internal doors for epiphanies and allow breakthrough experiences to surface.  The process is not limited by a person’s ability to talk about their situation or recall certain events.

If you studied a pilot’s manual but have never flown an aircraft, are you really prepared to sit in the cockpit?  However, if you have studied a pilot’s manual, and clocked thousands of hours of training in an aircraft simulator, does your perspective change?  Although your initial flight will be challenging, hands-on experience in the flight-simulator reduces much of the unknown to adequately prepare you for the journey.  Experiential Therapy serves as a simulator for your life journey by creating an experience you can draw on to move forward.

Experiential Therapy:

  • Is an artistic form of therapy
  • Helps to identify and work through personal issues
  • Provides the framework and foundation for improving future life experiences
  • Journey to Freedom Information
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