Presentations - Eating Disorders & Substance Abuse

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Connecting the Bridge of Eating Disorders & Substance Abuse

Program Summary:

This lively, dynamic presentation is power-packed with fascinating, relevant and practical information that bridges the connection between eating disorders and substance abuse. Lois Thomson-Bowersock is nationally recognized for her entertaining, innovative and captivating teaching style that immediately equips program participants to apply and share the material she presents.

Presentation Description:

People with eating disorders are five times more likely to become dependent upon alcohol or other drugs. Early intervention and quality care can be effectively implemented when both afflictions are thoroughly understood. Connecting the Bridge of Eating Disorders & Substance Abuse is an outstanding presentation designed to benefit professionals and laypersons alike. This dynamic, entertaining presentation is packed with relevant information and enhanced by uniquely creative visual aids that participants will recall for years to come.

By examining addictive-compulsive disorders from a multi-faceted perspective, this presentation bridges the physical, emotional and spiritual components associated with eating disorders and substance abuse.

Finally, participants learn to bridge the solution by examining resources and options for cost effective treatment strategies that address the issues that connect eating disorders and substance abuse.

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