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   Counseling Services
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   Meal Planning Worksheet
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Nationally acclaimed seminar presenter, author and counselor Lois Thomson-Bowersock is available to speak to your group or organization!

Out of the Snare

Lois' Out of the Snare Seminar is a dynamic Christian program offering hope and encouragement to anyone caught in the snare of addictive behavior! Every woman in North America is in need of this inspiring message!

Lois will captivate you with a refreshing balance of humor, entertainment and cutting edge information designed to spark the recovery process. Her presentation touches hearts, saves lives and opens the door for women to overcome the silence and shame that traps them in the grip of addictive behavior. You will laugh and you will cry as you recognize yourself or someone you love!

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent

Love allows children to grow through their mistakes.Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices.

Becoming a Love & Logic Parent is designed by child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline, M.D. and by popular educator Jim Fay.

Discover answers to challenging moments in parenting:

  • Identify 4 steps to responsibility
  • Learn techniques to share control
  • Master easy problem solving skills
  • Set Limits for children
  • Design suitable consequences
  • Improve parent/child relationships

Our classes are taught by nationally acclaimed author and presenter Lois Thomson-Bowersock

Connecting the Bridge of Disordered Eating & Substance Abuse -

This lively, dynamic presentation is power-packed with fascinating, relevant and practical information that bridges the connection between eating disorders and substance abuse. Lois is nationally recognized for her entertaining, innovative and captivating teaching style that immediately equips program participants to apply and share the material she presents.

Journey to Freedom

Journey to Freedom is an intensive three day program held at a relaxing, secluded, private lakeshore retreat center. Workshops are available for individuals, couples, and families by appointment. Enrolment is limited and therapy is personalized to meet the specific needs of the participants. All meals, lodging and personal comforts are provided in this modern, newly constructed facility near Crockett, Texas.

Contact Lois to speak to your organization, church or conference.


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