Virtual Counseling

Most of our clients have busy schedules that make it especially challenging to balance the demands of work and home.    At Lois Thomson Bowersock & Associates, LLC we believe your counseling experience needs to enhance the quality of your life, rather than add more stress to it. We do our best to accommodate your requirements for convenient appointments; however, we recognize that time and distance can sometimes interfere with your ability to come to our office.    In seeking to give you superior, convenient service, we can meet with you using Secure Video; the most advanced technological virtual online counseling resource available. 

Virtual Online Distance Therapy allows you to have a confidential counseling session from the convenience of almost any personal electronic device; including your PC, iPhone, iPad or tablet. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, Secure Video is:

  • User friendly
  • Compatible with most personal electronic devices and easy to install
  • Confidential and HIPAA compliant
  • Easy to Install

While maintaining regular face-to-face contact is fundamental to the overall effectiveness of your counseling experience, Virtual Online Distance Therapy is an excellent option.  Some benefits of Virtual Online Distance Therapy include:

  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Continuity of therapy
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Removes geographic limitations
  • Protection of anonymity
  • Improved time management

In order to participate in any form of Virtual Online Distance Therapy with Lois Thomson Bowersock & Associates, LLC, you are required to complete the Client Information and Consent for Distance Therapy form.  This consent form can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s) About Secure Video

Q:  How much will my virtual online counseling session cost?

A:   Your virtual online session will cost the same as a regular office session.  See our Client Information and Consent Form for our fee schedule. 

Q:  Why can’t we meet by Skype?

A:   Skype is not HIPAA compliant.  Your identity and confidentiality can be compromised if we use Skype for our Distant Therapy session. We are required by HIPAA and federal laws to implement safeguards to protect your confidentiality, integrity and unauthorized access to your Protected Health Information; therefore, we use Secure Video for all our virtual online counseling sessions.

Q:  Can I use the equipment I already have?

A:  Yes.  Secure Video has a wide range of equipment support.

Q:  Is it difficult to install Secure Video on my computer or electronic device?

A:  No, not at all.  Installation is as simple as acquiring an app on your device.

  • Go to the Secure Video website:
  • Then you are just one click away from entering the waiting room for your Virtual Online Distant Therapy session.

Q:  Who do I call for help or questions?

A:   Call Secure Video at 1.888.318.6095 or Lois at 817-761-5004 or 281-782-6755.  Email:

Q:  Do I get the same quality of professional counseling online as I do in an office visit?

A:  Virtual Online Distance Therapy is highly effective.  However, it does slightly limit our ability to observe all of your non-verbal body language.  When possible, we do require that your initial sessions be conducted in our office so we can become better acquainted with your mannerisms prior to participating Virtual Online Distance Therapy.